TNS 2021 Virtual Poster Competition

TNS invites residents to participate in the Annual Poster Competition. The poster presentations should present scientific information utilizing narrative material, photographs, charts, diagrams, etc.  Prizes will be awarded for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place in the amounts of $1000, $500 and $250 as well as certificates.  

Application Procedures & General Rules:

TNS Membership: Neurology Residents and Fellows must be members of TNS (or submit an application)

Registration: All participants must register for the TNS 2021 Winter Conference by January 20, 2021

Posters should include
  • Title: Simple title representing the key element(s) of the study, in very large font
  • Authors: Write authors full names with middle initials in large font. Indicate each author’s highest degree (e.g., Ph.D., M.D.). A comma should be used to separate authors.
  • Affiliations: Complete names and locations of the institutions where the work was done.
  • Main body: Use large text  and legible figures to describe the work. Use standard scientific outline with headings for Background, Methods, Results and Discussion/Conclusions.
  • References: References should be cited parenthetically in the text by author and year of publication, for example (Fisher et al., 2011). Limit of 3 references per poster.

New for 2021/Virtual Conference 
There will no live presentation of posters during the virtual meeting. Posters will be made available online for attendees and judges to view before and during the meeting. Participants can submit a PowerPoint presentation along with their poster to further explain their work. The PowerPoint can be as simple as a slide show or you can record video/audio. This is optional.

How to Record a Presentation

Formatting Your Virtual Poster
1. The poster should be horizontal 
2. Text should be large enough to read on a computer screen when viewing from 100%. 
3. The presenter (main author) should be listed first before any co-authors and should include credentials (MD, DO, PhD, etc.)

Application & poster deadline has been extended to January 20 at 11:45pm.

***Please do not start or complete an application until you have all your work compiled! 
This includes the PDF of your poster.***